If there is no written agreement on our part, these general conditions of sale prevail over all contrary provisions. Trade relations between AK Flightcases and their customers will be deemed accepted by the buyer simply by placing an order.


1.1. Prices listed in our proposals and tables may suffer adjustments whenever changes occur: prices rise in freight and insurance, the parity of currencies or any other cause that affects the price.

1.2. Prices are always Ex Works and the customer is responsible for any taxes, custom duties and fees imposed by the destination country.

1.3. Selling prices may be changed and will be applied to all orders pending delivery at the price change date. The buyer will be noticed and if he does not accept the new prices, he can cancel the order within 8 days responding to our notice. After that date, we will understand the customer fully accepts the new conditions.


2.1. The information that we provide as general guide on our price lists, catalogs and website, regarding prices, models, dimensions, features, and specifications can be changed without notice.

2.2. Prices and conditions patent on our price lists, catalogs and website are valid for the duration of its term, except when printing or typographical errors occur.


3.1. All proposals and orders are sent by email or fax and must be duly signed by the customer as token of acceptance.

3.2. Any other conditions that are not mentioned on our General Conditions of Sales are explicitly rejected by us.

3.3. Orders that are pending on the date of any change in the conditions of sale will run longer under the new conditions, in these circumstances, the costumer has the right to cancel such orders in writing within 8 days. (as mentioned in clause 1.3).

3.4. Orders cannot be canceled when:

–  The proper deadline was exceeded (3 days after been placed).

– The manufacturing of the product has already started.

– AK Flightcases have already shipped the goods.

3.5. AK Flightcases reserve the right to cancel orders pending delivery when the buyer failed to provide all or part of previous contracts.


4.1. The dates given by us can not be considered as a compromise. They are indicative of production and an estimate of shipping the goods.

4.2. AK Flightcases is not responsible for any delays on the product transportation services.

4.3. AK Flightcases is not responsible for delays or failure to supply that may affect our services or those of our suppliers, such as construction accidents, strikes, governmental constraints, and in short, all the causes of majeure force. In such circumstances the costumer does not have the right to cancel the order or claim for damages.

4.4. Goods shall be understood as our responsibility as long as they are in our warehouses. Our responsibility cease when the goods are made available to the carrier.  All goods travel, without exception, at the risk of the buyer, whatever the route used. Unless otherwise agreed, or if so indicated in the special conditions of each product, we do not assume the risks of transportation, which will be fully borne by the buyer, even when the damage and deterioration during transport are due to unforeseeable circumstances of majeure force.

4.5. The fact that AK Flightcases hire transportation of goods, and in some cases, grant a bonus on its price, does not imply the cancellation of the previous clause or acceptance by us of the risks of it.

4.6. Special packaging at the request of the buyer will be charged.

4.7. AK Flightcases does not accept the return of their packaging even if they are non-recoverable.



5.1. You can use any of the payment types listed below to pay for your order:


Payment can be made by electronic transfer at ATM Machines or Home-banking. Your order will be dispatched only after payment validation.

Please send us your receipt by email to sales@akflightcases.com as proof of payment



Account information will be mentioned at the bottom of all our Tax Invoices.



This has a limit of AED 3000

5.2. Payments must be made under the conditions stipulated by AL KHAN FURNITURE IND L.L.C. or in lack of indication. If the buyer fails to pay their bills on due dates established, shall be subject to payment of interest and the related goodwill, if the currency has been depreciated.

5.3. If prior to the implementation of all or part of an order, occur or become known facts or circumstances that cause a reasoned fear that the buyer will not fulfill his obligation to pay the price, we will suspend delivery of goods if the buyer does not anticipate the payment and / or guarantees it within the agreed time.

5.4. Invoiced goods are property of AK Flightcases until full payment.


6.1. Client discounts are applied in accordance with the “Client and Product Type Table”, or by agreement of the Commercial Director.

6.2. Volume discounts are defined in our “Discount Table by Quantity” on our “Price Lists”.

6.3. Discounts by Term of Payment:

Ecoline Products: Prepayment when ordering.

Catalogue Products:

·         Pre-payment when ordering: 3% over the products price (excluding other services).




7.1. When the delivery of goods is made by our transport services, we only accept complaints made in the presence of our driver and clearly marked on the invoices or documents accompanying the goods in transit. We are not liable for any loss or damage occurred during transportation caused by carriers.

7.2. The costumer has the right to return delivered product if the product is different from that ordered or has visible defects. To exercise the right to an exchange, returns must be made within 8 working days from the reception of the product (we do not accept any further claims). All goods returned must be in conditions they were sent, carefully packed in original box and no missing parts. If the product has been tampered or damaged, no exchange will be made. After the technical assessment, the exchange or credit note shall be made.

7.3. AK Flightcases will only accept claims or returns, when those are expressly authorized in written by AK Flightcases. Expenses and transportation costs and packaging are borne by the purchaser. If the material agree to section 7.2., the product will be exchanged or a credit note with its value will be issued. Credit note condition is not applied on Custom Made Products.


8.1. AK Flightcases products, provided they are used in normal conditions and installed in accordance with the rules, are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of leaving our warehouse. To take advantage of this guarantee, the defective products should be sent to our warehouse, and will be required in each case, the acceptance of defective by our Technical Department. Our warranty covers only replacement of accessories. In no event will we be liable for damages resulted from its fault, directly or indirectly. Only covers manufacturing defects. It also covers, postage, packaging, etc.., which are originated in repairs under warranty.

8.2. Not included in the warranty:

– Lamps, valves, transistors, glass, plastics and other breakable parts, electrical parts, electronic parts, resistor, motors, etc..

8.3. Situations in which the warranty can not be required:

1 – When the equipment is not used in accordance with the use instructions.

2 – If the AK Flightcases Identification plate is pulled or modified.

3 – If the unit is modified.

4 – When your malfunction is due to maltreatment, external causes, exposure to weather, etc..

5 – If the unit is delivered without all components.

6 – Lack of compliance with the contract (by the buyer).

7 – When paragraph 7.1 of our terms of sale is not respected.


Goods are owned by AK Flightcases until full payment.


In the event of a dispute, the competent court is the Ministry of Justice, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, according to the rules of the U.A.E. Arbitration, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction.


No employee, agent, salesperson or company representative is authorized to amend or repeal any of the conditions listed here that can only be modified by agreement of our company, confirmed in writing.